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cinnamon apples and fruit at the bottom yogurt

25 Sep

this year, on top of bringing lunch every day, eli needs to bring a snack with him to school. a small, filling, non-messy, healthy, portable snack. hm……

my recipes for the last year or so have been dairy free. after a lot of research and mental struggle we decided to try raw milk over the summer. eli had no reaction to it!! hurray!! 3 month and no signs of eczema, no stomach or digestive issues, it’s been great. as i googled raw milk, i learned that different cows produce different protiens (a1 or a2) and many people can not digest a1 well. i am not a scientist and i can not explain it i just know that from our own personal experience eli can digest milk from a2 guernsey cows. if you are interested in local raw milk check out this site.
now, on to the snacks……..

cinnamon apples

fruit at the bottom yogurt

for an after school snack the other day i made cinnamon apples.
slice 2 apples (one for each kid)
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp coconut sugar (i’m certain any sugar would work)

fruit at the bottom yogurt
with any leftovers finely chop and put in small tupperware (if you don’t have leftovers you could just make some cinnamon apples just for this)
in the morning top the apples with plain yogurt. i use homemade yogurt with the raw milk. it’s super easy to make, no yogurt maker required.

this is also delicious with berries. i put frozen berries in the tupperware and top with yogurt by snack time they’ve thawed. my son does not like his yogurt sweet but you could add some honey or agave to sweeten it a bit.


roasted soy beans a.k.a chiko nuts

13 Jun

i’ve had this bag of soy beans sitting in the cupboard staring me down for months now. i tried to make soy milk once, it won’t happen again. the past few weeks i’ve been trying to come up with snacks the kids like that aren’t sweet and i got to thinking about roasted nuts, beans and seeds which led me to soynuts. i turned to google, my favorite place to look for all things unknown, and found a few recipes and they all said to soak overnight and roast. super simple and the kids were delighted to have ‘tiny chiko nuts’ for snack today.

roasted soy beans

1 cup soy beans, picked through, washed and soaked over night
1 tbs oil, i used sunflower oil
1 tbs arizona dreaming spice mix from penzey’s or tbs seasoning of choice
salt to taste

mix everything in a bowl and then spread beans onto pan in single layer. roast for 45mins to 1hr stirring every 15mins. when the beans start to look golden turn off temperature and leave them in the oven to cool.

an interesting article on eczema and chiko nuts

11 Feb

i read an interesting article this morning about atopic dermatitis and food allergies. in first paragraph it says that new research suggests eczema may precede the onset of food allergies. this is what was going on with eli, the longer he ate gluten the worse his eczema got. if you have a child with eczema it’s worth trying an elimination diet and keeping a food journal to find out if foods trigger a reaction. it’s a lot of detective work and it can be frustrating. it’s ongoing for us, his skin is fine and then it’s not, very frustrating. although he still deals with breakouts, going gluten and dairy free has given me a happier and calmer little boy.

on to the chiko nuts. really they are roasted chickpeas but my kids have named them chiko nuts. it’s a great snack for after school when they come home starving.  the great thing about them is that they can be spiced anyway you wish. here’s one of our favorite ways to make them.

chiko nuts

cooked chickpeas, maybe 1 can? 2 cups? (i’ve never really measured i just use my leftovers from making hummus)
1 tbs oil
1-3 tsp curry powder, depending on how many chickpeas you have and how strong you want the curry flavor
1 tsp sea salt

375º (most recipes i’ve found say 400º or higher. i tend to get burned chickpeas when i cook them that high)
set timer for 10 minutes, stir, continue for about  30 to 40  minutes or until desired crispness.

freezer fudge

13 Aug

a cool snack for a hot summer day. i got this recipe from the spunky coconut. the only change i made to her recipe was to use half the salt. maybe, because i soak my sunflower seeds in salted water before roasting them, my sunflower seed butter was saltier than the one she used. i don’t know. anyway, this recipe is awesome. i sprinkled unsweetened coconut on it before i topped it with this chocolate sauce (half the recipe).

what do you do with 7lbs of beets?

28 Jul

what happens when you go to the grocery store and organic beets are on sale? if you are me, you buy some of course. i got about 7lbs for two dollars the other day. they are the proclaimed favorite vegetable of my six year old so……..i brought them home and roasted half of them. with those i made brownies, muffins and a delicious smoothie. the kids loved that smoothie.

really loved that smoothie!

did i mention the kids loved the smoothie?

with the last of them i made a batch of beet chips and i still have two left to roast, which i will probably add to hummus or make another smoothie, and that’s what you do with 7lbs of beets.

beet brownies

1 square unsweetened chocolate (1 oz), melted
1 cup beet puree
1/2 cup brown rice flour
1/4 cup tapioca starch
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup brown sugar (i did not pack it)
2 tbs coconut oil
1 tbs vanilla
1 egg
walnuts, opt

melt chocolate in double boiler (i use a pan with a metal bowl on top). whisk the dry ingredients and set aside. in another bowl blend brown sugar and egg. add oil, beets, melted chocolate and vanilla. add the dry ingredients to the wet and gently mix. add walnuts.
bake 20-30 mins (check at 20)

graham crackers

2 Feb

i got this recipe from celiac teen, i didn’t change a thing in her recipe, the crackers were awesome! i had planned to make nanaimo bars but they were eaten up before i had a chance. na-no-mo-bars! but we made s’mores, and had graham crackers with peanut butter on them, it was great! i will be making another batch soon and i will hide some so i can make nanaimo bars.

monster mash!

27 Oct


i’ve seen these many times in magazines and on websites but never made them until this morning. they’re monster mouths, sort of.

1 apple, quartered
peanut butter
mini marshmallows

cut a wedge out of the back side of apple, spread with pb, stick in teeth.

other suggestions for teeth might be: slivered almonds, raisins, carrot chunks. the possibilities are endless, be creative.