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week in review and a chocolate smoothie

20 Feb

i know valentine’s was a week ago. do we really only need one day to celebrate love? i think not.  it seems i’ve been having trouble finding my groove these days but life goes on and i still have to provide three meals a day plus snacks for my family. it’s been fun and we’ve had some really delicious food. eli had a valentine’s lunch full of love, starting with this bread which i cut into heart shapes with a cookie cutter. it’s a recipe from amy over at simply sugar and gluten free and it really is the perfect gluten free bread, i’ve made it nearly dozen times already. she has a book that came out on valentines! also in his lunch box were a few of these chewy brownies, a recipe from the spunky coconut. i cut them into squares and pressed a tiny heart cookie cutter into the top (i did not add chocolate chips). i’ve been cooking a lot of dinners from madhur jaffrey’s books this week, they are awesome! one of our favorites was chicken with spinach (saag murgh), it’s a wonderful way to get your kids to eat spinach.

and we’ve had smoothies.

love that smoothie smile!

chocolate smoothie-i never measure when i make smoothies so basically follow your instincts and taste buds.

frozen banana chunks, about 2 cups
a handful (or more) washed spinach
milk of choice, about 1 1/2 cups (coconut milk is very good)
hemp seed butter, about 1 tbs (opt)
coconut oil, about 1 tbs
cocoa powder, 3-4 tbs
blend all ingredients in blender until it’s to you liking. you can adjust flavors or add more milk if you want it thinner.




what do you do with 7lbs of beets?

28 Jul

what happens when you go to the grocery store and organic beets are on sale? if you are me, you buy some of course. i got about 7lbs for two dollars the other day. they are the proclaimed favorite vegetable of my six year old so……..i brought them home and roasted half of them. with those i made brownies, muffins and a delicious smoothie. the kids loved that smoothie.

really loved that smoothie!

did i mention the kids loved the smoothie?

with the last of them i made a batch of beet chips and i still have two left to roast, which i will probably add to hummus or make another smoothie, and that’s what you do with 7lbs of beets.

beet brownies

1 square unsweetened chocolate (1 oz), melted
1 cup beet puree
1/2 cup brown rice flour
1/4 cup tapioca starch
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup brown sugar (i did not pack it)
2 tbs coconut oil
1 tbs vanilla
1 egg
walnuts, opt

melt chocolate in double boiler (i use a pan with a metal bowl on top). whisk the dry ingredients and set aside. in another bowl blend brown sugar and egg. add oil, beets, melted chocolate and vanilla. add the dry ingredients to the wet and gently mix. add walnuts.
bake 20-30 mins (check at 20)