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forbidden rice balls

5 Jan

when i asked eli what he wanted for his first lunch at school in 2011 he immediately replied, “rice balls!!”  i bought some forbidden rice a few weeks ago so i thought i’d give it a try and, to my surprise it was very easy to make into rice balls. i took this picture on my phone’s camera right before i snapped the lid on and sent little buddy to the bus. when told it was forbidden rice he said “you mean like the forbidden city?” “yeah” i said, “i bet they ate forbidden rice in the forbidden city.” he thought that was cool! so today’s lunch was forbidden rice balls (shapes), carrot sticks, trail mix, and an apple. what wasn’t eaten at school was finished in the car on the way home.

forbidden rice

1 cup forbidden rice, rinsed and soaked over night or for several hours
-i cooked mine in 2 cups of water but i think it was too much, next time i will try 1 1/2 cups
place rice and water in pan and bring to a boil, cover and reduce heat to low. cook 45 minutes or until tender then set aside to cool.

rice ball filling – you can fill it with whatever you want…….here’s a good guide at just hungry.

1/4 cup(ish) filling of choice, i used ham today
1 tsp of sesame oil, just enough to cover bottom of pan
soy sauce or braggs liquid amino to taste
1 tbs sesame seeds

heat sesame oil in small cast iron pan over med heat. when hot add the ham and soy sauce stir until liquid is gone. this will not take long, add sesame seed and cook another minute or so. set aside to cool.

here are a few different way to form the rice:

just bento
lunch in a box
there is always leftover filling, i just sprinkle it over the top.