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potato vada

9 Feb

potato vada is a popular indian snack, it’s also a nice finger food that works great in lunches.  i pack it with some brown rice or other grain, ketchup for dipping plus fruits and veggies. eli always deems them as “awesome” (in opera voice). i use the recipe from sailu’s kitchen, she has a fantastic blog with recipes that never fail me.

i leave out the curry leaves, and the green chilies as i don’t normally have these ingredients on hand. i’ve also, on occasion, made them without the cumin seed, mustard seed and onion. i think the kids liked these the best, the flavors are a bit more mild. this recipe calls for mashed potatoes, just bake 3 or 4 potatoes and mash ’em. i make them into patties and pan fry them in oil, not deep fry them.

potatoes are a great healthy, filling food for lunch that kids love!

how do you pack potatoes in your lunch?