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5 tips for traveling gluten free and dairy free

4 Feb

recently, due to circumstances beyond control, we had two days to pack some things and fly back home to oregon for two weeks. this was our first big trip gluten and dairy free. i think things went okay although, we did have a few episodes where eli got contaminated. all in all, it wasn’t as stressful as i had anticipated.

traveling with special dietary needs

1. pack plenty of snacks for the plane ride. we don’t fly often so, i wasn’t sure if i could bring fresh fruits or homemade goodies, i packed some enjoy life chewy bars we were all pretty disappointed in them. needless to say we were starving when we finally landed 5hrs later. on the plane, i noticed the guy behind me to the right was eating an apple, and then a pear, and then another apple. doh!  *note to self- it’s alright to bring fresh food.

2. if you are staying where you have access to a kitchen the first thing you should do is go buy some “safe” food. i went and bought some basic flour and guar gum, a milk alternative and gluten free oats. easy enough and now other people can enjoy your baking/cooking too.

3. don’t forget to read the ingredients on everything!!! this is where i messed up. i gave eli a bag of corn chips and didn’t think twice they were lime flavored tostitos to be exact. within thirty minutes of eating them his skin was broke out head to toe and he had his normal dairy reaction.

4. be careful eating at restaurants. mistake #2, found a pizza place in town that said they made a gluten free dairy free pizza. we tried it and both eli and dad had a reaction. bummer.

5. relax, it’ll be okay.