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going on 2 years!

22 Nov

i can’t remember the exact date, i don’t even really remember what month it was. i know it was sometime between thanksgiving and christmas or somewhere shortly after, that we went gluten free. anyway the date is not important what’s important is the time that has followed. the above picture is eli right before covered in eczema. how he manages to still look happy is unknown to me, i would have been miserable. the red rash covered close to 90% of his body. he rarely complained, he’s a very tough kid.

here he is today, what a difference. his skin will still break out on occasion but i have ways to combat it that work. i’ve realized over the last two years, what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. what helped me really get a handle on it was to keep a journal about his skin. what irritated it, how it looked from day to day, and what he ate (every bite). i did many skin checks throughout the day and would ask him lots of questions about how he felt. it was lots of detective work.
his break-outs were always worse during colder months and we were told to keep it moist, yet every lotion, salve, and ointment would burn his skin and have to be washed off. a few things i’ve found that don’t burn his skin are coconut oil (my favorite), cocoa butter, shea butter, and apricot oil. i’ve learned over the years that the dr. is not always right and to trust my instincts. if you aren’t getting the answers you are looking for don’t be afraid to talk to your pediatrician about it and if necessary change doctors. also you may never get a solid answer, we took every allergy test around and they all came up negative. there is such a thing as a food intolerance and there’s no test for that. during this week of thankfulness i was just thinking how thankful i am that my sweet little boy doesn’t have to suffer like he used to.
have you had a similar experience with your child? was it eczema, allergy, an intolerance? i would love to hear about how you deal with it. any tips are always welcome.