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freezer fudge

13 Aug

a cool snack for a hot summer day. i got this recipe from the spunky coconut. the only change i made to her recipe was to use half the salt. maybe, because i soak my sunflower seeds in salted water before roasting them, my sunflower seed butter was saltier than the one she used. i don’t know. anyway, this recipe is awesome. i sprinkled unsweetened coconut on it before i topped it with this chocolate sauce (half the recipe).


oreos and candy corn

31 Oct



i’m not a big fan of store bought candy corn *ick*. the kids always ask for it so when i saw this recipe i had to try it. it’s kind of a time consuming thing to make, but no more than rolling and cutting out cookies. i did not use a candy thermometer and it turned out just fine. i just watched the bubbles and dipped my spoon in the syrup. when it thinly coated the spoon i took it off the heat. about 8 minutes of simmering. if you haven’t checked out gobsmacked you should she has wonderful gluten free recipes.

here’s a great halloween book for the kids.

the kids new favorite bedtime lullaby. (screamed to the tune of “oh, my darling clementine”)

in a kitchen, in a castle,

filled with mold and turpentine,

lived a baker, monster maker,

and her true live, frankenstein.

oh, my crispy. oh, my crunchy.

oh, my frosted frankenstein.

you’re so yummy…in my tummy…

my delicious frankenstein.