coconut mango snow cones (in preparation for summer!)

2 May

saturday the weather was warm. okay, hot and we were all getting grouchy because that kind of weather takes some getting used to. anyway around 3 o’clock i decided that we all needed a nice cool snack. i had been tossing this one around my head for a few weeks and was ready to try it out.

coconut mango snowcone

frozen coconut water, i used approximately two ice cube trays for the four of us. i prefer to crack my own young coconuts which i buy at the asian market in a case of 12.
2 or 3 ripe ataulfo mangoes, i’m sure any kind would work
3-4 tbs coconut sugar
water, as needed to thin mango puree

blend the mango and coconut sugar in food processor until a smooth puree. add water if it needs to be thinner. i think i added approximately 2 tbs of water.

you can put the coconut water cubes into a blender to crush or do as i did and crush it in a plastic bag with a heavy object. it wasn’t as fine as shaved ice but it did the trick.

put ice in bowls and top with sauce. enjoy


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