cinnamon apples and fruit at the bottom yogurt

25 Sep

this year, on top of bringing lunch every day, eli needs to bring a snack with him to school. a small, filling, non-messy, healthy, portable snack. hm……

my recipes for the last year or so have been dairy free. after a lot of research and mental struggle we decided to try raw milk over the summer. eli had no reaction to it!! hurray!! 3 month and no signs of eczema, no stomach or digestive issues, it’s been great. as i googled raw milk, i learned that different cows produce different protiens (a1 or a2) and many people can not digest a1 well. i am not a scientist and i can not explain it i just know that from our own personal experience eli can digest milk from a2 guernsey cows. if you are interested in local raw milk check out this site.
now, on to the snacks……..

cinnamon apples

fruit at the bottom yogurt

for an after school snack the other day i made cinnamon apples.
slice 2 apples (one for each kid)
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp coconut sugar (i’m certain any sugar would work)

fruit at the bottom yogurt
with any leftovers finely chop and put in small tupperware (if you don’t have leftovers you could just make some cinnamon apples just for this)
in the morning top the apples with plain yogurt. i use homemade yogurt with the raw milk. it’s super easy to make, no yogurt maker required.

this is also delicious with berries. i put frozen berries in the tupperware and top with yogurt by snack time they’ve thawed. my son does not like his yogurt sweet but you could add some honey or agave to sweeten it a bit.


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