8 Jun

somehow i let the end of the school year slip right past me. eh…c’est la vie. our summertime plans include swimming, sprinklers, friends, birthdays, and cooking up lots of yummy treats. the tomatoes pictured above were knocked off the plant during a storm. i couldn’t let them go to waste so we made fried green tomatoes. they were pretty tasty. another tasty summer treat we made was this cantaloupe granita.

one last thing……check out our garden visitor. eli named him toadoro, funny guy. he is our garden troll that brings us good luck and good food.

cantaloupe granita

1/2 a large cantaloupe
1 banana
2-3 tbs honey
1/2 a can of sparkling water (i used blue sky lime flavored)

blend the cantaloupe, banana  and honey in a blender until liquefied. pour into the tupperware or glass dish you will be using to freeze the granita in. slowly add the sparkling water and stir. freeze and stir every 30 minutes or so. the more you stir the better.


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