feel better banana muffins

8 Jul

the kids have been sick all week with a stomach bug, which i’m sure is the result of a very fun but busy weekend. eli had it the worst. so, after 48hrs of eating nothing but a few slices of an apple and drinking tons of water, i knew he would need something soft on his tummy today. i was inspired by nonna joan over at baby bites and two rotting bananas that were sitting on the counter, i was going to make muffins. i went and asked elsa, who was in her room mixing up stuff in her play kitchen (seriously), if she wanted to help. of course she did!

right as we were putting the muffins in the oven eli came leaping down the stairs and yelled “i’m all better! i can walk better! i can talk fast! and i can draw!” then elsa said “eli! we made these muffins so you could get better!”

45 minutes later…….

“mom! these are awesome!”

feel better banana muffins

¼ cup oat flour (gf oats ground in food processor)
¼ cup coconut flour (shredded coconut ground in food processor, will still be grainy)
¼ cup tapioca startch
1¼ cup brown rice flour
1 tsp guar gum
2 tbs flax meal
3 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
2 tbs agave syrup (more if you want sweeter muffins)
6 drops liquid stevia
1 egg
1 cup hazelnut milk, you can use whatever kind you like
¼ cup olive oil
2 mashed bananas

in a large bowl whisk all dry ingredients together. in a medium sized bowl mix together all wet ingredients. add the wet ingredients to the dry. mix until no dry is visible. do not over mix. the batter may still look slightly lumpy and that’s ok. fold in the mashed banana. pour into prepared muffin tins and bake 20 mins.

i’m sure you could use any flour you have on hand, i had some oat and coconut flour left over from the other day which is why i used them. may result in a different textured muffin though.


One Response to “feel better banana muffins”

  1. Nonna Joann July 8, 2010 at 6:34 pm #

    So glad to be of help. You sure have cute kids.
    Nonna Joann Bruso

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