elderberry syrup, a remedy for what ails you

7 Dec

this stuff is good and it works. it’s more economical to make your own than to buy it. this is safe for children to take and they love it. this is a great immune booster for eli, since schools are known germ factories.

elderberry syrup

1/2 c dried elderberries
3 c water
1 c honey

boil elderberries in water for 40-45mins, until the water is reduced by half. remove from heat and cool. drain berries, press berries with back of spoon to get all the yummy juice. stir in honey. take 1-2 tsp morning and night.

*note* last time i made this i cut the honey down to 1/2 cup and it tastes just fine.


One Response to “elderberry syrup, a remedy for what ails you”


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    […] he slept the whole weekend away. waking up only to eat small bites of apple sauce, sip tea and take elderberry. the only actual food eli ate this weekend was a sandwich. i’ve been tweaking this bread […]

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