peanut butter jelly time!

6 Oct


no school today so i tried something new. easy to make but a little too messy for school i think.

apple sandwich

sliced apple
peanut butter
strawberry jam

lay apple on side and slice like bread. there will be a star pattern where the seeds are, cut out seeds. spread with pb&j.

next time i may try ham & cheese or peanut butter & raisins.

*update- peanut butter and raisin worked great in the lunch box.


2 Responses to “peanut butter jelly time!”

  1. sharon November 4, 2009 at 6:40 pm #

    Yum, that sounds good.


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    […] really yummy) 3. flat bread and hummus (eli’s favorite) 4. flautas 5. rice balls 6. apple sandwich (less messy with a bit of honey or raisins instead of jelly) 7. corn dog muffins (i’ve […]

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